Penguin Crop Hoodie - Wave Fusions
Penguin Crop Hoodie - Wave Fusions
Penguin Crop Hoodie - Wave Fusions
Penguin Crop Hoodie - Wave Fusions
Penguin Crop Hoodie - Wave Fusions
Penguin Crop Hoodie - Wave Fusions
Penguin Crop Hoodie - Wave Fusions
Penguin Crop Hoodie - Wave Fusions
Penguin Crop Hoodie - Wave Fusions

Penguin Crop Hoodie

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Elevate your casual wear to new heights with the Dog Crop Hoodie, a fashion-forward garment crafted from exceptionally soft three-end fleece with ultra-tight knit construction. This crop hoodie blends effortless style with unparalleled comfort, ensuring you stay warm and stylish throughout the day. Its relaxed fit and raw bottom hem create a modern and edgy aesthetic, while the vibrant and detailed dog-centric prints showcase your unique personality.


  • Premium combed ringspun cotton and polyester blend (85% cotton, 15% polyester) for exceptional softness and comfort
  • Ultra-tight knit construction that enhances the vibrancy and detail of printed designs
  • Medium fabric weight (7.0 oz/yd² (240 g/m²)) for optimal warmth and breathability
  • Relaxed fit for a comfortable and stylish silhouette
  • Raw bottom hem for a modern and edgy touch
  • Soft 3-end fleece for an incredibly cozy and plush feel


  • Experience unmatched comfort and warmth throughout the day
  • Embrace effortless style that complements various body types and fashion preferences
  • Showcase your personal style and creativity through versatile design
  • Exhibit your love for dogs with a stylish and comfortable hoodie
  • Enhance your wardrobe with a versatile addition that pairs seamlessly with various outfits

Perfect For

  • Casual outings and everyday wear
  • Layering under jackets or coats to maintain warmth and style
  • Expressing your unique personality and love for dogs
  • Showcasing vibrant and detailed prints that make a statement
  • Enhancing your wardrobe with a versatile addition that suits various occasions
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Width, in 20 22.01 24 25.98
Length, in 17.5 18.39 19.29 20.24
Sleeve length, in 20.5 21 21.5 22

"Puddles' Grand Expedition"

In the whimsical world of Waddle Town, where every day was a wintery wonderland, there lived a plucky little penguin named Puddles. Dressed in a snug pink hoodie that was the envy of every chick, Puddles was not your ordinary penguin; she was an
adventurer at heart, with a curiosity as vast as the snow-covered expanses she
dreamed of exploring.


Puddles' tale begins on a crisp morning when the sun painted the ice in hues of gold and
cerulean. Unlike her peers, who were content with sliding on their bellies and feasting on fish, Puddles harbored grander aspirations. She yearned to traverse the Great Glacial Groves, a mythical place where, according to penguin lore, the ice sang and the stars whispered secrets of the universe.


Armed with nothing but her wits and her trusty snowflake compass, Puddles waddled away from the safety of her colony, her eyes set on the horizon. The journey was
fraught with challenges that would deter even the bravest of penguins. She navigated through blinding blizzards, evaded the cunning sea leopard, and danced across treacherous ice floes.


Just when the Groves seemed within reach, a twist of fate led Puddles astray. The ice
beneath her feet gave way, plunging her into the icy depths. It was in this moment of peril that Puddles discovered her hidden talent—she was a natural swimmer, her flippers cutting through the water with the grace of a seasoned explorer.


As she emerged from the depths, Puddles found herself in an underwater cavern aglow
with bioluminescent algae. Here, she befriended a school of luminescent fish, who, in exchange for tales of the world above, guided her back to the surface and pointed the way to the Great Glacial Groves.


Puddles' adventure reached its zenith as she finally set flipper in the fabled Groves.
Before her lay a vista of towering ice sculptures that chimed in the wind,
creating a symphony that resonated with the twinkling stars. Overwhelmed with
joy, Puddles realized that the journey's true reward was the journey itself, and the friends she made along the way.


However, the tale doesn't end at the Groves. With a heart emboldened by adventure and a spirit as bright as the Aurora Australis, Puddles became a beacon of inspiration for all of Waddle Town. She returned to her colony not just as
Puddles the Penguin but as Puddles the Pathfinder, her story a testament to the
wonders that await when one dares to dream and explore.


"Puddles' Grand Expedition" became a legend, a story that warmed the hearts of penguin chicks and elders alike. It
was a narrative of courage, friendship, and the boundless curiosity that drives all great explorers. And whenever a penguin gazed out into the vast, snowy yonder, they were reminded that, like Puddles, there is an explorer in each of
them, ready to embark on grand expeditions of their own.

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Puddles' Grand Expedition

In the whimsical world of Waddle Town, where every day was a wintery wonderland,
there lived a plucky little penguin named Puddles.

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Puddles' Grand Expedition

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Customer Review

Impressed with the outstanding quality! It’s made to last, and the material feels premium.

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The craftsmanship is top-tier, and it's held up beautifully over time. Very pleased with the durability.

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The softness and comfort are unmatched. It has been through countless washes and still looks fantastic.

Elijah Moreno

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