Dog Crop Hoodie
Dog Crop Hoodie - Wave Fusions
Dog Crop Hoodie - Wave Fusions

Dog Crop Hoodie

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Step into the realm of effortless style and unparalleled comfort with the Dog Crop Hoodie, a fashion-forward garment crafted from exceptionally soft three-end fleece with ultra-tight knit construction. This crop hoodie elevates your casual wear with its chic design and plush comfort, ensuring you stay warm and stylish throughout the day.


  • Premium combed ringspun cotton and polyester blend (85% cotton, 15% polyester) for exceptional softness and comfort
  • Ultra-tight knit construction for vibrant and detailed prints
  • Medium fabric weight (7.0 oz/yd² (240 g/m²)) for optimal warmth and breathability
  • Relaxed fit for a comfortable and stylish silhouette
  • Raw bottom hem for a modern and edgy touch
  • Soft 3-end fleece for an incredibly cozy and plush feel


  • Unrivaled comfort and warmth for all-day wear
  • Effortless style that complements various body types and fashion preferences
  • Versatile design for casual outings, everyday wear, and layering
  • Vibrant and detailed prints that showcase your unique style
  • Plush and cozy feel that pampers you in comfort

Perfect For

  • Casual outings and everyday wear
  • Layering under jackets or coats
  • Expressing your personal style and creativity
  • Showcasing your love for dogs with a stylish and comfortable hoodie
  • A versatile addition to any wardrobe
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Width, in 20 22.01 24 25.98
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Sleeve length, in 20.5 21 21.5 22

Whispers in the Willow: The Tale of Loyal Shadow

In the quiet town of Willow's End, where the river bends and whispers ancient secrets,
there lived a dog whose fur was as dark as the night, save for the golden outline that shimmered like the halo of the full moon. They called him Shadow, not for his dark fur, but for his unwavering loyalty, always by the side of his
beloved owner, old fisherman Eli.

Eli and Shadow shared a bond deeper than anyone could fathom, a connection sown by
shared silence and companionship. One fateful evening, as the sun dipped below the horizon, casting the sky in a fiery embrace, Eli didn't return from his
daily sojourn to the river. The town buzzed with worry, whispering fears of the
old tales – of the river spirit that demanded a tribute every century.

Shadow, restless and determined, ventured into the night, guided by the luminescent willows that seemed to beckon him forth. He encountered a series of bewildering challenges, each a twist in the fabric of reality: a path that split into
countless others, a bridge that would only form under the weight of truthful steps, and a mist that whispered temptations, luring him astray.

Yet, Shadow moved with purpose, his loyalty serving as a beacon through the treacherous tests. As dawn approached, with the first light caressing the tips of the
willows, Shadow found the river spirit, a creature of water and light, holding Eli in a gentle, swirling embrace.

"Why do you come?" the spirit asked, its voice a melody of the stream.


"For Eli," Shadow replied, his bark echoing a thousand unspoken words.

The river spirit, moved by the depth of Shadow's loyalty, offered a deal. In exchange for
Eli's safe return, the spirit sought a story of devotion to whisper to the willows for centuries to come. Shadow, without a moment's hesitation, agreed.

As the pact was struck, Eli awoke on the riverbank with Shadow by his side, the golden
outlines in his fur glowing brighter than ever. The town rejoiced, their fears allayed, never knowing the silent sacrifice made that night.

The river never claimed another, and Shadow lived his days enveloped in golden light, a testament to the love he bore for Eli. And so, the story of "The Whispers in the Willow: The Tale of Loyal Shadow" became a legend, inspiring all
who heard it to cherish the loyalty that binds us.

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Whispers in the Willow: The Tale of Loyal Shadow

In the quiet town of Willow's End, where the river bends and whispers ancient secrets, there lived a dog whose fur was as dark as the night

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Whispers in the Willow: The Tale of Loyal Shadow

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Absolutely delighted with the items from the Whispers
in the Willow: The Tale of Loyal Shadow Collection! The materials are top-notch, and everything feels built to last.

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The attention to detail is fantastic, and the durability is remarkable.

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After several uses, they still look as good as new. Really satisfied with the purchase!

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